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2020 Annual Conference Speakers Biographies

Keynote Speech The Most Effective Online Delivery Mode: What, Why, and How by Dr. Miao-fen Tseng (曾妙芬)

Dr. Miao-fen Tseng (曾妙芬)
Daniels Family NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor
Inaugural Director of the Institute of World Languages, University of Virginia
Author of Teach Chinese Online (forthcoming)
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award美国名人录终身成就奖(2019)
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Taipei City College, 台湾台北大学杰出校友奖(2018)
  • Jefferson Trust Award 美国第三任总统杰斐逊基金会外语前瞻计划奖(2018)
  • Helen Warriner-Burke FLAVA Distinguished Service Award美国Helen Warriner-Burke FALVA杰出外语贡献奖 (2016)
  • Director, Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher/Student Academy美国星谈中文教师培训与学生项目主任 (2008-2019)
  • Author of AP Chinese Teacher Guide  AP中文教师指引作者(2007)
  • Author of 推动专业化的AP中文教学(Promoting Professionalism in Teaching AP Chinese 2007)
  • Author of The Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (I, II, III, 2014, 2018, 2020)
  • Author of Teach Chinese Online (forthcoming)
  • Academic Advisor/Senior Reviewer for AP Chinese Course Audit AP中文课程审查顾问暨资深委员(2006-present)
  • AP Chinese Consultant, College Board美国大学理事会顾问(2006-present)
  • Founder/President of CLTA-VA, 美国弗吉尼亚州中文教师学会创始人暨会长(2009-13)
  • CLTA, USA全美中文教师学会理事 (2011-14) 

Featured Presentations

混合式中文课程设计的四项基本原则 by Yi-Wen Liu (劉羿彣) and Wenjing Liu (刘文菁)

Yi-Wen Liu (劉羿彣)老师自台湾师范大学华语文教学研究所毕业之后,就到美国明德大学中文暑校和Wake Forest大学任教。2015年开始在北卡的公立中学教中文,其后也在当地的一所私立女校建立了中文项目。现在在Ravenscroft School的高中部教中文,同时也负责Chinese club以及担任十年级的导师。过去几年暑假在Middlebury Interactive服务,也曾任教学行政的职务,2020年夏天又回到了明德大学的中文教学队伍,首次尝试在网上提供沉浸式课程。刘老师经常在各大研讨会上报告关于文化教学和课堂活动相关的主题,诸如ACTFL、台湾华语教学年会、北卡外语教学年会、北卡中文教学年会、以及CLASS的热点谈等等。

教书之余,刘老师也喜欢使用文字创作并记录生活,同时也将个人的兴趣如茶艺、桌游和乌克丽丽融入教学中。Mrs. Yi-Wen Liu holds a master’s degree from National Taiwan Normal University in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She worked at Middlebury college summer Chinese school, Wake Forest University, and Philo Academy. She established a Chinese program at Salem Academy from 2016-2019, and is now teaching Upper School Mandarin at Ravenscroft School and serving as a 10th-grade advisor. In the past few summers, she worked at Middlebury Interactive Languages and teaches at different levels of Chinese. In the summer of 2020, she rejoined Middlebury College and taught level 2 Chinese classes virtually. She often presents at language conferences such as ACTFL, International Annual Conference of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, CLTA-NC annual conferences, and FLANC fall conferences. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys blogging about her life, hosting tea events, playing board games, and practicing Ukulele.

Wenjing Liu (刘文菁) is the Chinese instructor and Chinese Honor Society advisor at Heritage High School in Wake Forest, NC. Mrs. Liu has been recognized as an Excellent Instructor at the NC State Confucius Institute from 2012-2019. Her students have won the most awards in state-wide speech and writing contests in the ten-year history of the Confucius Institute. She obtained her M.E.d from Taiwan Normal University and has taught for over 30 years in Taiwan and North Carolina. Mrs. Liu taught middle school and high school in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, before moving to North Carolina and

teaching at schools such as Ravenscroft, Neuse Charter School, Duke TIP at Kansas University, McDougle middle and Heritage High school. In 2017, Mrs. Liu was chosen to the Chinese Bridge Delegation on behalf of College Board and Hanban. As a delegate, she presented her AP Chinese teaching experiences. In 2017-18, Mrs. Liu served as the Principal of the Chapel Hill Chinese Language and Culture School. In 2019, Mrs. Liu coordinated a Chinese connection program between Heritage High School and UNC-Chapel Hill. Currently, Mrs. Liu also serves as a board member and treasurer for the CLTA-NC.

Read-Along Videos: Scaffolded Reading, Asynchronously by Diane Neubauer (杜雁子)

Diane Neubauer (杜雁子) is a Mandarin Chinese teacher who has taught elementary, middle, & high school as well as elective & adult classes over the past 14 years. She currently teaches online part-time while working on her PhD in Foreign Language & ESL Education at the University of Iowa. She frequently presents on a variety of language teaching topics at conferences and is involved in research relevant to language teaching and learning. She is currently the Vice Chair of ACTFL’s comprehension-based communicative language teaching special interest group.

Diane has special interest in ways teachers can facilitate classes rich in target language, with high comprehension and engagement among students, including reading in Chinese characters.

Develop Effective Curriculum to Promote Collaborative learning During Virtual Teaching by Siyi Gao (高偲译)

Siyi Gao (高偲译) is an Assistant Professor at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), Monterey, CA, USA. She has 14 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a second or foreign language to non-Chinese learners in mainland China, Greece, and the U.S. She was awarded by the Department of the Army’s Civilian Service Medal as DLIFLC’s Teacher of the Year 2018. Her research interests include teacher professional development, integrating technology into language teaching, neuroscience and memory retention, assessment, curriculum development, and educational leadership. Ms. Gao has conducted more than 20 professional presentations to share best practices in foreign language teaching at conferences such as ACTFL, LEARN, FLANC-CA, and CLTA-CA, etc.

Additionally, she had two publications in the Journal on Language Teaching and Research: As a board member of CLTA-CA, Ms. Gao planned for the largest Chinese speech contests in the United States. In her spare time, she likes traveling, reading and cooking. 

Online Activities Designed in Chinese Language Class by Xiaoying Yu (于晓盈)

Xiaoying Yu (于晓盈) is a Chinese lecturer in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan. Her research interests include second language acquisition theories and methodologies, teaching with multimedia technology, and content and project-based learning. Recently, she focuses on enhancing the teaching process by utilizing digital media and applications to help engage students. At the University of Michigan, she teaches classes from elementary to advanced levels (Business Chinese). Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Xiaoying Yu also taught second and third level Chinese language classes at Oberlin College and Conservatory and Duke Study in China Summer Program. She received her B.A. in Translating and Interpreting from Beijing Foreign Studies University and her M.A. in Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Southern California. 

On-demand Presentations:

远程教学: 课程设计及教学方法 by Qiang (John) Chen 陈强 (Enloe Magnet High School)

Qiang John Chen (陈强),美国国家教育委员会认证,据有30多年教学经验的语言教师。他曾在中国获得英国语言与文学学士学位,并在加拿大和美国大学获得英语作为第二语言(ESL)和阅读及语言教育硕士学位。他在中国高校任教的十几年中,曾担任过外语系主任,英语付教授等职务。近年来,他一直致力于美国公立学校和高校英语第二语言和汉语教学工作。在北卡罗来纳州, 他倡导并主讲网络汉语。二00七年以来他一直为北卡州兼做网络中文教师。目前他在北卡罗莱纳州的罗利市英伦高中任中文教师。他为Wake县公立学校设置1至6级,包括AP和IB的中文课程及教学大纲,并主讲这些课程。他在一些大学担任STARTALK中文暑期班主讲教师。近年来他一直在为STARTALK暑期语言项目担任顾问,他担任指导教师多年,并经常参与教师培训工作。他的学生在过去的十年里每年都获中文写作和演讲比赛多项奖励。他自己也多次获得优秀教案等教学成果奖。二0一九年,他荣获耶鲁大学教育家奖。Qiang (John) Chen is a National Board-Certified language teacher with over 30 years of

teaching experience. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Language Teaching in China, and his Master of Arts degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), and in Reading and Literacy at universities in Canada and America. He taught English as a second language as an Associate Professor at universities in China with over ten years as the Dean of the English Department. For the past over 20 years, John has been teaching English as a second language, and Chinese as a foreign language at American public schools, colleges and language institutes. He is one of the piloting instructors of on-line Chinese in North Carolina. Since 2007 he has been the online Chinse teacher for NC Virtual School. Currently, he is a Chinese instructor at Enloe Magnet High School, Raleigh, North Carolina. He designed the Chinese curriculum from level 1 to level 6 including AP and IB programs for the local school system, and has been teaching those courses ever since. He has also been working as a site visitor for Startalk Central since 2010 and as the Chinese Lead Instructor for Startalk Chinese Summer Institute at several universities. In addition, he is an AP Chinese reader and a reader for Chinese teachers’ license exams for the College Board. He has been the mentor for teachers and conducted teacher training sessions at many institutes. His professional publications focus on language acquisition and teaching. In the past ten years, each year his students win many rewards in Chinese writing and speech contests. He himself has won many teaching rewards such as excellent teaching plans etc.  In 2019 he won the Yale University Educator award. 

Digital Pedagogy in Online Classroom Management and Performance-based Assessment of Language Learning by Dr. Yiching Christine Liu 吕逸勤 (Dickinson College) and Dr. Wen Xiong 熊文 (Winston Salem State University)

Dr. Christine Liu (呂逸勤) is the visiting assistant professor in Dickinson College, PA. She has taught Chinese to students from high school to college levels. She also taught the course of “Technology in the Classroom” in the University of Iowa to prepare K-12 preservice teachers for making use of appropriate technological tools to assist their teaching and students’ learning. She has presented her research findings and shared actual teaching practices at different conferences nationally and internationally. As one of her passion is reading research in foreign language education, she has

held several online Chinese book clubs with both high school and college students across different proficiency levels. In recent years, she has set up online language exchange projects via social networking to connect her students with college students in Taiwan. Since June 2020, Dr. Liu has volunteered to work as one of the leaders in the Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) for teacher development.

Curriculum Design and Innovative Technology Integration in Hybrid Chinese Courses by Lini Ge Polin 葛黎妮 (UNC-Chapel Hill), Yi Zhou 周翊 (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Luoyi Cai 蔡罗一 (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Lini Ge Polin (葛黎妮) received her M.A. in professional journalism and M.A. in Asian Civilizations (with a concentration on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) from the University of Iowa. Before coming to the U.S., she worked as a radio host and journalist at Fujian Provincial Radio Station in China for five years. She has always enjoyed learning languages and subtleties of cultural differences. Before joining the Department of Asian Studies at UNC in August 2011, Polin had taught various levels of Chinese courses at the University of Iowa. She also tutored students at the United Nations Chinese Programme during a summer internship in 2010. Her teaching strengths include pedagogical use of technology, experience in task-based teaching methodologies and practices, and assessment based

on ACTFL proficiency standards. Polin’s current research interests include assessment of speaking proficiency, application of technology in L2 language classrooms, and CFL teacher education. As a doctoral candidate in the Curriculum & Instruction program at the UNC School of Education, Polin is also interested in curriculum development and teacher education. 

Luoyi Cai (蔡罗一),北卡大学教堂山分校亚洲与中东研究系教学助理教授, 2015 年开始任教于北卡大学教堂山分校,教授初、中、高年级的 非华裔中文语言课。此外,她于 2019 年春季学期在北卡大学首次 开设“中文 LAC(Language Across the Curriculum)”课程并于 2020 再次获得 LAC 资金支持,将于明年春季继续开设该课程。 在加入北卡大学教堂山分校东亚系之前,曾先后任教于弗吉尼亚大学本部,明德大学佛蒙特暑校及多个海外密集语言项目(包括弗吉尼亚大学的上海暑期项目; CET 上海项目;CLS 暑期项目等)。教学之外,近年来也积极参与教师培训工作,自 2018 年起在弗吉尼亚大学的暑期星谈项目中担任培训导师。主要研究方向包括任务型教学法的研究与实践, 中文跨学科讨论课(LAC)的课程设计与实践,科技辅助工具在网络中文课堂中的运用等。

研究成果曾以中英文书刊篇章形式出版,也在全美外语教师协会(ACTFL)年会, 全美中文教师协会 (CLTA)年会,全美星谈项目(STARTALK)年会等诸多会议上以报告形式发表。Luoyi Cai is the teaching assistant professor in Chinese from the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. In 2013, she was invited to teach as a visiting scholar in the University of Virginia. In 2014, she worked as a Chinese instructor at the Chinese Summer School of Middlebury College. Before she joined the Department of Asian Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill in August 2015, she had also taught various levels of Chinese courses in a variety of prominent study broad programs such as the CET-in-Shanghai Program, the UVA-in-Shanghai Summer Intensive Language Program, and the Critical Language Scholarship Program. Since the summer of 2018, she has devoted herself to online teacher training, serving in the lead team of UVa STARTALK program as practicum facilitator. Her research interests focus on the task-supported and topic-oriented teaching pedagogy, Chinese Language Across Curriculum course development, online language teacher training etc. Research achievements have been published as journal article, book chapter or reported in the ACTFL annual conferences, CLTA annual conferences, STARTALK conferences etc.

语言为本位的同步和非同步线上文化教学 Teaching Language-Oriented Culture Classes Online: Synchronous and Asynchronous Methods by Yuan Xu 徐远 (New Century International Elementary School) and Sue Chen 陈诗韵 (UNC-Greensboro)

Yuan Xu (徐远) 曾就读于北京外国语大学,北京语言大学,持有英国诺丁汉大学 PGCE 证书。目前就读于格林斯堡大学 TESOL 专业。曾任教于西印度大学特立尼达校区,及其商学院,之后任北京英国学校中文部主管,现在任教于北卡州新世纪国际小学,从事沉浸式汉语教学工作。在教学中,徐远尝试使用“汉字色彩代码”提高汉字教学效率,在汉语教学中使用大量桌游提高学生参与度,利用网络游戏机制进行教学管理等方法不断改善教学效果,研究成果发表于学术期刊《中文教学研究》、《汉语教学方法与技术》。 2018年中,徐远开始独立运营公众号: Patrick 徐老师,致力于向一线老师分享教学技术与方法。2020 年,徐远先后应邀为夏洛特北卡州立大学孔院、克利夫兰州立大学提供讲座与学术报告。Yuan Xu holds degrees from Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beijing

Language and Culture University; and obtained the PGCE certificate of the University of Nottingham. Now working on TESOL Master Program. He has worked as Chinese language teacher in Faculty of Humanities & Education and Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School for Business of the University of the West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago) and the Head of Department of Chinese Language in the British School of Beijing. Currently Yuan is a Chinese immersion teacher at New Century International Elementary School in North Carolina, USA. In Yuan’s teaching practice, he focuses on applying new technology to language education. He proposed teaching approaches such as “implementing color code for teaching stroke orders”, “teaching Chinese with table games”, “implementing the rewarding system of online game for class management ”, and “Using Database Technology to Multi-Classify Chinese Characters”. These approaches have improved teaching efficiency and motivated students in learning Chinese. Since 2018, Yuan hosts a WeChat channel Patrick Xu Laoshi independently, dedicated to sharing educational technology in language education, teaching approaches and teaching activities. Yuan was invited as guest speaker to present in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte online Workshop and Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University Zoom Symposium.

Sue Chen (陈诗韵) 任职于多所学校,包含 PK-12学校、北卡大学绿堡分校、高点大学及中文学校,也曾执教于美国联邦政 府星谈中文计划,现任北卡中文教师学会理事成员。她致力于推动以语言为本位的文化课程,并且将传统民乐的声音传递到海外。陈诗韵曾获厨艺比赛州冠军以及原声音乐节前三名的佳绩,并且收藏超过五十种来自世界各地的乐器,亦多次获邀参与各种文化活动和公益音乐会,在全美多地进行演出,更为清寒及特教学生提供免费课程,籍此将美食、音乐、文化与 语言教学相融合。此外,也曾任会议同步口译员与医疗翻译员,现任第九届亚太翻译与跨文化研究论坛推广委员会联席主席,并于哥伦比亚大学教师学院进修,近期则获邀参与北卡中文教师学会、北卡外语教师学会、 国际教育年会、克利夫兰孔子学院教学研讨会进行报告。Sue Chen is a faculty member at multiple institutions with students ages from preschool to college,

including a PK-12 school, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, High Point University, a Chinese School, and a National Security Agency funded StarTalk program. Sue serves as a member of the CLTA-NC advisory board. When she is not teaching, Sue enjoys cooking and playing music. She has collected over 50 musical instruments from around the world, performed at various cultural events across the states, and provided free lessons to students-in-need. Her goal is to promote culture through language-based approaches and to preserve the sound of traditional Chinese music. Sue received first place at a statewide cooking competition and the best three at an acoustic music convention. In addition, Sue also served as a simultaneous interpreter and medical translator. She is currently the co-chair of the support subcommittee of the 9th Asian-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies, and studies at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Furthermore, Sue presented at CLTA-NC, FLANC, Global Education Conference, and Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University.

Translanguaging Pedagogy Used in Online Chinese-based Summer Camp by Mohan Shang 尚沫含 (Lakes International Language Academy), Dr. Kaishan Kong 孔凯珊 (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), and Hongjuan Zhou 周红娟 (Breck School)

Mohan Shang (尚沫含), M. Ed, is an elementary Chinese immersion teacher and curriculum development lead of grade-level Chinese program in Lakes International Language Academy, MN. With a transnational background in elementary education and translation, Mohan is dedicated to content-based, learner-centered and interactive pedagogies. Her teaching experiences span across contexts and student levels. Additionally, she participated in the STARTALK summer programs, first as a participant and then an instructor, to promote language teaching effectiveness. She aspires to become a teacher-scholar with plans to explore innovative teaching and embed technology to support students’ learning. She co-presented with colleagues in the National Chinese Language Conference in 2018 and published articles on pedagogies in a peer-review journal and a professional newsletter.

Kaishan Kong (孔凯珊), PhD, is an Associate Professor of Chinese and TEFL (Teaching English as  Foreign Language) advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Originally from China, Kaishan has educational and professional experiences in both the UK and the US. She is currently teaching courses on Chinese language, second language acquisition and intercultural communication. She also built a Chinese Certificate program at the UW-Eau Claire. Her research interests include language education, intercultural competence and teacher education. She has published in peer-review journals and book chapters, co-taught the STARTALK teacher programs and the CARLA summer institute at the University of Minnesota, as well as chairing the Teaching and Learning of Culture SIG under ACTFL. She received the Wisconsin Teaching Fellow

and Scholar award, and the Cengage Learning Award for Innovative Excellence in the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language from CLTA. 

Jenny (Hong Juan) Zhou is a Chinese teacher at Breck School, and the academic supervisor at Ledian Chinese School in Minnesota.  Jenny has 12 years of Chinese teaching experience in the United States.  She has taught students at different ages and  in different kinds of program settings, including immersion, second language, weekend school and college language programs.  Jenny has been recognized for “Teacher of the year” by Minnesota China Academy, “Distinguished Teacher Award” by Chinese School Association in the United States, “Excellent Oversea Chinese Teacher” by The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.  Jenny is very interested in practicing research-based pedagogies in language classrooms.  Recently, she has been interested in

research and implementation of translanguaging pedagogy.  She hopes to achieve greater effectiveness in her own Chinese classroom, as well as serving as a resource for other teachers in her role of administration in Ledian.

Strategies to Build an Inclusive Language Community in and beyond the Online Chinese Classroom by Lu Lu 陆璐 (Wake Forest University)

Dr. Lu Lu (陆璐) is an Assistant Teaching professor at Wake Forest University. She earned her PhD in Chinese linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her primary interests include an interface between language and music, teaching Chinese as a second language, prosodic phonology, language assessment, and second language acquisition. At Wake Forest University, she teaches all levels of Chinese language classes. Prior to Wake, she has taught at the College of William and Mary, University of Iowa and Luther College.

Staying Connected through Community–Based Language Learning: A tutorial program for K-6 dual language education by Kun-Shan Carolyn Lee 李坤珊 (Duke University) and Yan Smith-Thomas 李艳 (Glenwood Elementary School)

Kun-Shan Carolyn Lee (李坤珊) is a Professor of the Practice and the director of the Chinese Language Program at Duke University. She is the academic director of Duke Study in China since 2002. Since joining Duke in 1995, she has been continuously working on the curriculum development and articulation for both programs.  She was the principal investigator of Duke Project GO (a federal grant to support ROTC students’ scholarship of studying abroad) and provided the academic leadership for the project from 2012 to 2018. She is a co-editor of Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language in the Study Abroad Context 汉语作为第二语言习得的留华教育研究 (Peking University Press, 2008; reprinted in 2010). She is a co-author of the textbooks: Crossing Cultural Boundaries: An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course 文化纵横观 (Routledge, 1st edition, 2010; 2nd edition, 2014) and Acting Chinese: An Intermediate-Advanced Course in Discourse and Behavioral Culture 行为汉语 (Routledge, expected to be published in August 2020).

Lee served on the board of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association in the US from 2010 to 2013. Besides regularly participating in professional conferences, she stays engaged in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language by serving as a proposal or journal reviewer for several professional organizations, such as the annual International Conference on Chinese Heritage Language Education organized by the National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools, Foreign Language Annals, etc. She has given talks at different teacher training workshops including the 2013 Startalk North Carolina. Her current research interests include intercultural communicative competency development, Service-Learning and community-based language learning pedagogies, and Chinese for Specific Purposes. 

Yan Smith-Thomas (李艳), M.A. TESOL, B.A. TCFL, is licensed in elementary and K-12 Mandarin language education with international experience in China, Indonesia, and the United States and holds a superior rating in oral and written proficiency from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Mandarin Chinese. She began her career in the United States with Wake county’s first Chinese immersion program at Stough Elementary School in Raleigh, North Carolina making a tremendous impact on their program and the language acquisition of their students. Currently, Mrs. Smith-Thomas provides instruction at

Glenwood Elementary School for Chapel hill-Carrboro Public Schools for their dual language program, leads their Project Based Learning implementation team (PBL) to transition to a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, & Mandarin (STEAMM) Magnet program while partnering with North Carolina State University Science House. Her experience has brought guided reading for the development of reading comprehension through differentiation grouping as a primary classroom method of instruction. Her interest in expanding dual language education has led to a collaboration with the University of North Carolina Foreign Languages Department where higher education learners have an opportunity to apply learned content with primary students. 北卡教堂山格兰伍德双语小学老师, 对外汉语教育学士和M.A.TESOL 硕士。曾任教于中国、印尼雅加达国际学校和北卡州罗利市的唯一中文沉浸式小学。李艳老师在教学过程中善于指导性阅读的方法,以学生的中文习得水平为准,实行有针对性的、差异性的分组教学。作为格兰伍德小学PBL领导团队的一员,李艳老师将中文课程与PBL跨学科活动主题与方案相结合,在课堂上以老师多角度讲解、学生多实际能动操作和各学科老师间多合作实践为原则,帮助和促进格兰伍德小学顺利向STEAMM学校转型,实现中文和STEAM各学科学习的相辅相成。近几年,李艳老师积极探索与初高中和高等教育机构教学合作机会,将初高中及大学中文老师和中文学习志愿者邀请到小学中文课堂里,意在鼓舞和激励小学生运用中文与他人进行有意义的自主讨论交流。这样的合作机会在创建小学课堂多样性与活跃性的基础上,也向其初高中和高等学府中中文学习者展示了延续性中文学习的目的和意义,更是为实现K-16 在中文教学中的幼小衔接做准备。

Ice-Breaking Activities for Chinese Novice and Intermediate Classes in the Online Mode of Teaching by Dr. Meiqing Sun 孙梅青 (UNC-Greensboro)

Dr. Meiqing Sun is the Chinese Program Coordinator, Senior Lecturer of Chinese Studies at the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research interests include second language acquisition, language teaching and pedagogy and language contact. In addition to teaching Chinese culture, literature and language and organizing extracurricular activities for students, she is also the founder and coordinator of Chinese oral tutorial program and the Faculty Advisor

of Chinese Culture and Language Association at UNCG. She was awarded for the University Teaching Excellence Award, UNCG 2019-2020, “Above and Beyond Award” in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of North Carolina Greensboro, and Membership of the Eta Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars. She has presented her research at ACTFL, CLTA, AAAL, NCLC and other annual conferences and has been invited to give lectures. She also has published articles in CSL teaching, Chinese linguistics and literature.

Strategies for Effective Group Work in Online Classroom 浅谈网络教学中的小组活动设计策略 by Tianshu He 贺天舒 (Duke University)

Tianshu He 贺天舒 (Duke University) is a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for First-Year Chinese of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies in Duke University. Her research interests include second language acquisition theories and methodologies, teaching with digital media technology, Chinese classical language and literature, and heritage language learning. At Duke, she teaches classes elementary Chinese, advanced Chinese and Classical Chinese. She had served as one of the lead lecturers and taught various levels in Duke Study in China since 2007. She received her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Boston and M.A. in Classical Chinese literature from Shandong University. 

Tips and Tricks of Google Apps -interactive tools to promote classroom engagement either online or in class by Faye Valoris 费祺蕓 (Greensboro Day School)

Chiyun Faye Valoris (費祺蕓) served as a facilitator for language professional development and mentorship. Currently, she is a Chinese instructor and academic advisor at the Greensboro Day School. For the previous 9 years, she taught Mandarin Chinese 1-4 and AP Chinese at the Career Center High School of Forsyth County, NC, where she also created and established the North Carolina National Chinese Honor Society. Additionally she worked as a teacher and conversation coach for North Carolina Virtual Public Schools for 10 years. She was selected by the North Carolina State Board of Education Department of Public Instruction to serve as a member of the panel for Praxis Series Standard Setting Study for Chinese Language Teachers. She was trained to be the liaison for teachers working with students

who participate in clubs based in any aspect of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. She hosts the district-wide and Greensboro Day School Chinese New Year celebrations. Valoris has served as PLC and ELC facilitator. She holds a North Carolina Professional Educator’s license for Chinese Language and is a mentor to many Chinese teachers. She was twice nominated as teacher of the year. She has presented at languages conferences including FLANC conferences, and CLTA-NC annual conferences. Valoris has been married for 26 years, to Paul Valoris and has two adult daughters, Kylene and Jolene.