Wednesday, April 10

2021 CLTA-NC Annual Conference

The 5th Annual CLTA-NC (Chinese Language Teachers Association of North Carolina) Annual Conference will take place online via Zoom from 10am to 4:30pm on Saturday, August 7th, 2021. The theme for this year’s conference is “New Trends and Perspectives on Chinese Teaching in the Post-Pandemic Era”. Our keynote speaker is Wenhao Diao, an associate professor at The University of Arizona. Dr. Diao will address the topic of “Rethinking K-16 Articulation of Chinese Language Education” and lead a conversation about how to build a sustainable Chinese program. Other session presentations will focus on (1) teaching methods during or post-pandemic, (2) application of technology in Chinese teaching, (3) teaching diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the Chinese classroom, (4) combining community service with Chinese language learning, and (5) professional development reflections. This conference serves as a platform for our fellow Chinese teachers and administrators in the post-​pandemic era. Registration is due by 9a.m. EST on August 8, 2021. Contact the CLTA-NC president, Yi-Wen Liu ( should you have any questions. Register here: All sessions will be in Chinese, some presentations may include English.

北卡中文教师学会第五届年会将于2021年8月7日星期六在线上举行,时间是美国东部的早上十点到下午四点半。本届年会的主题是”后疫情时代的中文教学——新趋势与新思路”,大会主讲人是亚利桑那大学东亚的副教授刁文豪,演讲题目是“重思中文教育的K-16联结”,并和当地的老师讨论和项目发展有关的议题。我们旨在通过该主题探究中文项目的未来和永续发展,建立后疫情时期中文教育领域教师和行政人员的交流平台。各场次的报告和圆桌将围绕以下主题:一、疫情或后疫情时期的教学方法;二、科技于中文教学的应用;三、中文课堂上对多元、平等、共融和正义的讨论;四、社区服务和中文教学的结合;五、教师专业发展的参与和反思。报名将于2021年8月7日美国东部时间上午9点截止。如有任何疑问,请联系北卡中文教师学会会长刘羿彣(。注册链接: 大部分的报告都是用中文发表,少数会加上英文。