Wednesday, April 10

Chi-Yun Faye Valoris (費祺蕓)

Valoris has been a Chinese instructor and academic advisor at the Greensboro Day School for 4 years. She taught Mandarin Chinese 1-4 and AP Chinese at the Career Center High School of Forsyth County, NC, for 9 years. She also created and established the North Carolina National Chinese Honor Society. Additionally, she worked as a teacher and conversation coach for North Carolina Virtual Public Schools for 11 years. She was selected by the North Carolina State Board of Education Department of Public Instruction to serve as a member of the panel for Praxis Series Standard Setting Study for Chinese Language Teachers. She was trained to be the liaison for teachers working with students who participate in clubs based on any aspect of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. Valoris has served as PLC and ELC facilitator and mentorship. She holds a North Carolina Professional Educator’s License for Chinese Language and is a mentor to many Chinese teachers. She was twice nominated as teacher of the year. She actively presents at various conferences and workshops.