Wednesday, April 10

2022 CLTA-NC Lunar New Year Gala

We greatly appreciate everyone who participated in our 2022 Lunar New Year Gala! Please see the selected pictures from our participants below.

Stough Chinese Immersion Elementary School (Teacher: Yeli Chen)

To celebrate Chinese New Year and help the kids get a better understanding of Chinese culture. Our class did paper cutting,made Chinese character 福 ,designed tigers, Chinese traditional clothes as well as 青花瓷 ,  and decorated the school with our students works.  On the New Year day, we did activities such as grabbing  red envelopes, ring tossing, taking New Year  photos  as well as sending home dumplings and fried rice for the kids’ families to enjoy. We also invited our English teachers as well as all Chinese teachers to make new year greeting videos and broadcasted it to all families of Stough on  the new year performance day.  Kids had a blast experience of Chinese New year.

North Harnett Primary School (Teacher: Liu Langhong)

We learned the Chinese idioms of lucky words in Mandarin. They are “一帆风顺”、“二龙腾飞”、“三阳开泰”、“四季平安”、“五福临门”、“六六大顺”、“七星高照”、“八方来财”、“九九同心”、“十全十美”. Then I explained the meaning to the students. Each student chose one idiom they liked and wrote it on the red paper with decoration on it. We made a Chinese new year video wearing the year of the tiger headband. Each student said new year wishes in the video using the idiom they wrote on the paper. We also read a book on the curriculum map about what Chinese people do when the Chinese new year comes. The book is called “The Spring Festival”. It is on the Level Learning website. After we read the book, we celebrated the Chinese new year according to the traditions in the book. Some students made red pockets, some students made fireworks, some students wrote an article about the Chinese new year, and every student wore new clothes. We decorated our classroom using the handicrafts we made by ourselves, such as couplets, character “福” and etc.. I also shared Chinese new year food with my students. We ate the food and watched the Chinese new year gala together as a family at school. This is the third year we celebrate the Chinese new year at our school. My students said they like the Chinese new year very much !

Konnoak Elementary School (Teacher: Jiao Dong)

Let’s draw tiger and fu together, we spent fun time in learning Chinese Spring Festival culture and bringing good fortunes to everyone.

Pictures from Konnoak Elementary School

Asheboro High School (Teacher: Lara Bridges/Hsuan Kao)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, students from Asheboro High School participated in a fun, creative activity involving the subject of art. Chinese I as well as Chinese II students enjoyed making various styles of tigers in a wide array of colors. Students were also able to learn the character 春(Chun; meaning spring) in order to complete and understand the spring festival activity of paper cutting a tiger.

Greensboro Day School (Teacher: Faye Valoris)

The Spring Festival Celebration 2022 at Greensboro Day School was eventful, and filled with joy and excitement. While each Chinese class had some activities that they learned about Chinese New Year, the annual event has been the highlight of the year. This year our presentation focused on the legend, the zodiac, and the Chinese New Year’s Eve meal. We had activities such as paper cutting, red envelope hunting, chopsticks challenge, photo booth, the lion dance, and trivia. Those activities provided high school and middle school divisions an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture. Having interactive activities to get every student involved was our goal. It is always tiring but very rewarding.

Ravenscroft School (Teachers: Yi-Wen Liu and Chiu-Ping Lin)

Ravenscroft School celebrated Lunar New Year with traditional crafts and interactive activities in our community. Middle School Mandarin students learned the process of making Chinese blue-and-white porcelain. They also had fun cutting paper and writing calligraphy on the red paper. Upper School Mandarin students wrote spring couplets and hosted a celebration event at the school’s largest tent. Students enjoyed Asian snacks, participated in the chopstick challenge, played Jianzi, wrote Chinese calligraphy, and took cool pictures at the phot booth. We successfully brought the spirit of spring to our campus!