Wednesday, April 10

Chinese K-16 Articulation Forum Co-hosted by CLTA-NC and CLTA-IN (July 20, August 3, and August 29, 2020)

Biographies of Invited Speakers for August 29:

  • Dr. Yea-Fen Chen (陈雅芬), Indiana University Bloomington
  • Dr. Der-lin Chao (赵德麟), Hunter College
  • Dr. Wayne Wenchao He (何文潮), University of Rhode Island

Invited Speakers for August 3:

  • Chunmei Guan (关春梅), Logansport High School (IN) IFLTA, CLTA SIG K12 Classroom and Methodology Group
  • Yi-Chun (Lin) LeFaure (林怡君), Logansport High School (IN)
  • Dr. Xiaoqing Liu (刘小青), Butler University (IN) Teacher of Year by CLTA-IN and IFLTA
  • Zhiling Hu (胡志凌), Tillicum Middle School (Bellevue School District, WA), IFLTA Rising Star
  • Peng-hsu Huang (黄鹏旭), Teacher and Curriculum Developer, Bellevue School District (WA)
  • Kun-Shan Carolyn Lee (李坤珊), Duke University (NC)
  • Yan Smith-Thomas (李艳), Glenwood Elementary School (Chapel hill-Carrboro Public Schools, NC)

Invited Speakers for July 20:

  • Dr. Gang Liu (刘刚), Carnegie Mellon University, CLTA-WPA
  • Wenjing Liu (刘文菁), Heritage High School, CLTA-NC
  • Matt Coss (高正远), George Washington University, National Foreign Language Center
  • Lini Ge Polin (葛黎妮), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, CLTA-NC
  • Chunmei Guan (关春梅), Logansport High School, IFLTA, CLTA SIG K12 Classroom and Methodology Group