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The CLTA-NC is an educational organization dedicated to supporting Chinese language teachers in North Carolina K-16 institutions by offering leadership and professional development programs. We advocate for Chinese teachers at both the state and national levels through our relationships with other teaching professional organizations and seek for collaborative opportunities.


Current Advisory Board Members

President (Fall 2017 – May 2022)

Yi-Wen Liu(劉羿彣)


Vice President (Fall 2019 – May 2023)

Luoyi Cai(蔡罗一)


Treasurer (Fall 2017- May 2021)

Wenjing Liu(刘文菁)

Membership Manager (Fall 18 – May 22)

Lei He (何蕾)

Past President (Fall 18 – May 22)

Bonnie Wang(王春梦)


Past President (Fall 2017 – May 21)

Keli Su(苏克力)

K-12 Rep (Fall 2017- May 2021)

Lirong Wang(王丽榕)

Institute of Higher Learning (Fall 2019 – May 2023)

Lena Wang-Anthony(王月)

Higher Education Rep (Fall 2019 – May 2023)

Lini Ge Polin(葛黎妮)

Dual Language/Immersion Rep (Fall 2020 – May 2022)

Yuan Xu(徐远)


Elementary School Rep (Fall 2020 – May 2024)

Sue Chen( 陳詩韻)